Overweight and Obesity

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Nowadays, overweight and obesity are two of the most serious health problems in the world, and especially in Egypt where it reached 50% among females and around 30% of males and females of all ages. The problem of obesity is not all about body shape and beauty –which is still very important- however, it’s one […]

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Medical Examination

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Precise medical examination and laboratory tests Prior to embarking on your weight control program You should first know the program ideal for you and Set your goals for an ideal weight.

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Measuring body fats

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This is done using specialized scale to report the percentage of fats and muscles in various parts of the body. Boosts its team of specialized professors and its in-house laboratories Capable of proper analysis of patients and set valid weight control objectives.

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Balanced Nutritional Therapy

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Diet control is vital to any weight control program An appropriate nutrition program is adopted based on the overall evaluation of the case, the objectives set and the number of calories needed. Specialized professors and dieticians determine The diet convenient for you Guiding you to the Habits and Behaviors necessary for correct nutrition.

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Exercise Therapy

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Regular Exercising is essential in any weight control program : Helps burn fats and extra calories. Reduces fats in the abdomen and waist areas. Strengthens and develops the muscles that lose weight through the weight loss process which could result in general weakness, joints weakness and sagging body parts. Strengthens the heart, capillaries and the […]

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Body shaping and treatment of fatty areas

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  Weight loss requires reshaping the body, tightening a flabby part and treating accumulating fatty areas. Some fatty areas require treatment that’s targeted specifically to get rid of fats. This important step in the weight control program is implemented by the latest technological devices. Optimum HCC features “Medcontour“ State of the art device for treatment […]

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Skin Care

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After weight loss , the skin loses some of its Freshness and Vitality Face Up : Convenient – Handy – Easy to use disposable heads with variable gain size: Match every skin type Guarantee the highest levels of hygiene and safety The orbital movement of the head Eliminates the Epidermic layer (Peeling) Making skin bright & compact. The new abrasor […]

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Highly effective for traditional light resurfacing as well as light fractional surfacing , using the fractionation accessory, with dramatic results and fast recovery time. Small spot sizes with high fluence can vaporize superficial pigmented lesions with a single pulse. Nothing produces results that are better or more dramatic. results from a single Naturalase Er treatment will impress the patient & her […]

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Optimum Healthcare Center is now open

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Thanks to the latest scientific discoveries, now you can get the slim, healthy and tight body you have ever dreamed of aided by top-notch experts and professors through a comprehensive follow-up program designed to achieve weight control. Optimum  is now open and has started to serve health seekers. People are enjoying a different type of […]

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